What are badges?

There’s something new happening here at P2PU. Together with Mozilla, makers of Firefox, we've developed a set of badges that highlight your technical and community skills to your friends, colleagues and potential employers. By taking the School of Webcraft challenges you can level up your web developer skills by earning badges that are easy to display on your personal website, online profiles, and CV ! To do that we make it easy for you to send the badges you earn to the Open Badges framework, where you can record, track, and display your skills and knowledge across the web.

Initial Badges Pilot

The first badges that were displayed on users' profiles at p2pu.org were earned during a pilot in the 2011 January-April cycle of School of Webcraft's courses. Each of this alpha badges links back to the work that was submitted and the endorsements/feedback from the assessment. This information will continue to be linked to from your badge wherever you decide to share it, adding more validity and evidence to your skills and achievements. While these are alpha badges, they are endorsed by Mozilla and will continue to be credentials that you can use to share with various stakeholders like potential employers or peer communities.

New Badges as P2PU

With the launch of the “Webmaking 101” challenge set on School of Webcraft, new badges are now available at p2pu.org. Further efforts in this direction are been taken to include badges in other challenges and courses at P2PU.

Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI)

In order to allow you to share your badges with other sites and communities, P2PU has plugged into the Mozilla Open Badge Infrastructure (OBI), which allows you to manage a single badge collection, including badges from P2PU as well as other badge issuers and learning providers across the web, and then manage those badges and share them out accordingly. The OBI is using BrowserID, which will allow you to maintain a single identity through the email address you registered at P2PU.